WIT Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence

The Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence is led by its Principal Leads, Darrin Taylor and Aidan Walsh. The Academy brings together industry, policy, and academia to develop high quality and actionable research that advances the literature on Lean thinking and practice and which can be applied within public and private organisations and across all services and manufacturing sectors to enable and sustain Lean Enterprise and Operational Excellence.

The Academy involves a number of faculty who lecture and research in areas related to Lean, including Professor Peter Hines, a recognised global thought leader in Lean and Visiting Professor at the WIT Business School. It is part of the RIKON Centre and includes several PhD by Research students presently undertaking research in various areas related to Lean and Operational Excellence. 

Executive/ Practitioner Programmes

The WIT Business School provides the following portfolio of executive and practitioner programmes in Lean Enterprise and Operational Excellence programmes that were co-developed by the Academy with its industry partners: ​

  • Master of Business in Lean Enterprise Excellence (Level 9 – 90 Credits – 2 Years – Blended – Block-delivery – Black Belt in Lean)
  • Higher Diploma in Business in Operational Excellence (Level 8 – 60 Credits – 1 Year – Blended – Block-delivery – Green Belt in Lean)
  • Diploma in Lean Fundamentals (Level 7 – 60 Credits – 1 Year – fully Online – Block-delivery – Yellow Belt in Lean)

Programme Applications

These programmes are open for recruitment for the coming academic year (beginning mid-September). Interested applicants may apply via the Postgraduate Application Centre.

State Funding Supports

  • WIT is listed as a registered education and training provider on the Lean Business Ireland (Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland) directory of Lean StartLean Plus, and Lean Transform initiatives. Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland client companies can apply for funding for the above WIT Lean & Operational Excellence programmes under these initiatives by contacting their respective EI or IDA client advisors.
  • Previous participants and their employer organisations have also availed of Skillnet support toward programme fees, and interested applicants should contact relevant Skillnets to discuss potential supports.